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Workers Compensation

No one anticipates that they will be off from work with injury and often times they have trouble getting the compensation that they need to keep their households going. Though the majority of companies pay workers compensation, it is only a fraction of what your wages would be if you were able to work and the span of time you can be paid may very well not be enough.

That being said, workers compensation insurance is a policy that can do wonders for those that work in high risk jobs where injury is not all that uncommon. Workers compensation insurance may help cover some of your medical bills and doctors’ bills.

Workers compensation insurance may also help you pay for the visits that you need to prove you have a claim so that you can get the money you need. This type of insurance may also help pay for disability payments for the time that you are unable to work. Though this payment may not be the amount that you are used to, generally only about 2/3 of your normal pay, it will help you get through the time when you cannot work and need to heal instead.

Some policies will also help to pay for rehabilitation services and getting you back on your feet after an accident. There are some that may even help pay for retraining and other benefits to help you get on the road to recovery. Most of these policies are sold by both independent insurance agents and by agencies like Bay Point Insurance LLC as well. In Maryland as well as other states this is an entirely optional insurance policy but it may end up coming in handy.


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