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Umbrella Insurance

Protecting your home, auto, and other property with insurance is extremely important. You never know when an accident might occur or when flooding might take place (not to mention, insuring your car is the law). However, what happens if someone slips and falls on your property or is injured by your boat? Chances are, your current coverage does not protect you against this, which opens you up for potential legal consequences. That is exactly why looking into Bay Point Insurance LLC for umbrella coverage is necessary. 

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

So what does umbrella insurance cover exactly? There are many advantages of obtaining umbrella insurance while living in Gambrills, MD. Some of the benefits include coverage for injuries, damage to property, some personal liability matters and certain lawsuits. These injuries and personal liability situations include injuries to other parties when you are at fault, injuries caused by your dog or other pet, someone who injures themselves inside of your home or injuries sustained by a child playing in your yard. 

Less Likely Legal Matters Umbrella Insurance Covers

While damage to another vehicle or personal injury is a bit more likely, there are other legal matters umbrella insurance covers. False arrest and detention is covered by umbrella insurance. Slander, libel, and malicious prosecution fall under the protection of umbrella insurance as well. There are many different legal matters you hopefully will never have to deal with. However, if you do, umbrella insurance can protect you in most cases.

Every legal matter is different and every case varies from person to person. With the help of Bay Point Insurance LLC, it is possible to protect yourself in most cases. This is on top of what your current auto, property and personal liability insurance covers.  


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