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Boat & Watercraft Insurance

The thrill and enjoyment of taking a boat out onto the open water is unlike anything else you can experience on land. The notion of skirting above the water, going where you can't go on your own two feet makes it that much more of an enjoyment. Whether you love to fish during the early mornings or pump the throttle for more speed, there are all sorts of different boats and watercraft out there. However, just because your vessel is designed for water and not land does not mean you shouldn't protect it with insurance. You never know what could happen, so protecting your investment is essential. 

Kinds of Boat Coverage

First, you want to look at your homeowner's policy. Some policies cover a boat while stored on the property, but this depends on the size of the boat, the value of the boat, and your own homeowner's policy. There is general coverage for your boat, such as while it is in the water. However, there are specialized policies you should consider. This includes on-water towing, fuel spill liability and wreckage removal. If the fuel tank on your boat is damaged and leaks into the water, cleanup can potentially prove expensive. Also, look at your roadside assistance coverage to see if boat towing is covered or if you need to include this in the boat and watercraft insurance policy you purchase. 

Kinds of Boat and Watercraft Covered

Most boats and watercraft have the same kind of insurance, although the price typically varies based on the kind of boat. Pontoons are common further inland, away from the ocean, while jet boats, personal watercraft and ski boats are used just about anywhere. Center consoles, sail boats, bass boats and even row boats can and should receive boat insurance. 


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