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Commercial Insurance

Businesses and company startups have lots of costs and risks attached, with trying to make the venture a success as obviously one of the most important. However, a big area that can often hamstring if not destroy a company in its infancy is a lack of commercial liability coverage. Whether the business involves manufacturing and selling a product or providing a service to customers, commercial insurance is the key safety net that keeps a company alive when the first serious customer complaint comes back with a threat of litigation tied it. The fact is, we live in a very legal-trigger world. And the smallest issues can turn into a big financial problem and liability with little warning. Even a money-back warranty restoring what was paid is often-times not enough protection to avoid further demands made through the court system. No surprise then, starting companies need something more to protect themselves and stay viable.

Commercial insurance provides this protection, whether it be from a complaint problem or a mistake by employees or the missing of details in documents that later cause a loss. Coverage plans can include general liability, errors & omissions, property coverage, and more. At Bay Point Insurance, our Gambrills, MD commercial insurance agents can leverage different products from multiple coverage providers versus just one brand, allowing them to put together a plan that works best for your unique and specific company situation. So don't go into a brave new market completely bare and vulnerable to commercial risk. Have a good commercial insurance plan in place with Bay Point's help and focus your energy on being a success instead.

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