Does commercial cover liability?

Does commercial cover liability? Short answer: No. It may be possible to get your liability and commercial coverage through the same provider, but commercial alone does not protect you against liability claims. When you call Bay Point Insurance, you will want to ask about getting both policies under the same package, but it’s not uncommon for business owners to shop around to get the best deal on commercial insurance from one provider and liability coverage from another.

Both are more or less equally important, depending on your industry and the scale of your business. There are of course businesses that only require one or the other, and if you’re running a small startup out of your garage, and not accepting visitors, you might not require either. But if you have a physical location, both are absolutely vital to the survival of your business.

Commercial simply covers the physical assets of a business. Anything contained within your Millersville, MD office or your warehouse or your garage will, in most cases, be covered by your commercial policy. This means everything from desks and laptops to pens and inventory.

Liability is there to make sure that you have a backup plan if somebody slips and injures themselves on your property or otherwise holds you in some way accountable for physical damages. A company without a liability policy is a sitting duck, and of course, without commercial insurance, a single fire or flood can be the end of your career as an entrepreneur.

If you run a business in Millersville, MD, call Bay Point Insurance and make sure that you are covered on both fronts. As they say: Hope for the best, but always plan for the worst.

Ways to Determine the Right Amount of Auto Insurance Coverage

When it comes to auto insurance, there is a fine line between having too much coverage and having too little. You want to make sure that you have the right amount of coverage but it can be hard to determine what the right amount so that you are not overpaying and you are not at risk for not meeting the state minimums in Millersville, MD. Use these tips from Bay Point Insurance to make sure you are paying for the right amount of auto insurance coverage.

  • Make Sure You Meet State Minimums – At the very least, you need to make sure your coverage meets the legal requirements in the state. In many cases, the state minimum is the right amount for many people but even if you determine that you need a different amount of coverage, you should never go below the state minimum requirements.
  • Always Consider the Highest Deductible – When you are choosing your coverage amounts, you should consider opting for as high of a deductible as you can afford because this will lower your monthly payments.
  • Have Enough Coverage to Cover Your Assets – When you are choosing a coverage amount, you need to make sure you have enough to cover the costs of all of your assets. This means you need to have enough coverage to pay for the cost of the vehicle in case it was totaled. You do not just want to have coverage for what you owe if you are still making payments on your car, but instead the entire value of the vehicle.

Making sure you have the right amount of coverage is important so you can be best protected in an accident. Contact Bay Point Insurance, serving Millersville, MD, to get some quotes and to make sure you get the right amount of coverage.

When Does a Converted In-Law Need a Homeowner’s Policy Update?

As Millersville, MD families get older it’s common for folks to find the need for a relative to move in, usually an older single parent or similar who needs some support but is still quite capable of living independently most of the time. The term “in-law” has historically been used to refer to an additional structure on a home property, usually detached, where the relative lives as a result. Most times these structures start off a a home office, or a larger than normal shed or some kind of backhouse. To make the unit livable for a person, some prep work and renovation is then usually needed. Depending on the work, that may trigger a need to update a

Any kind of work that involves changes to the structure and built-in applies of the backhouse likely requires a policy update from what Bay Point Insurance folks have seen. This can include installation of plumbing, kitchen units, HVAC, and other water line or electrical changes. Flooring generally doesn’t need much of a change if it’s just a basic changeout of carpeting or even a change to wood flooring, as long as the walls and structure are not modified. Adding doors or windows, however, would trigger a needed review. Additionally, even if a backhouse is not changed much at all, the imposition of someone living in the unit with belongings and assets could trigger a need to raise the amount of personal property covered by a policy for replacement. Otherwise, such items would not be reimbursed if the backhouse were damaged or destroyed.

Those in the Millersville, MD area who have questions about an in-law or backhouse change can get answers and clear information from the experts at Bay Point Insurance. A bit of knowledge ahead of time can avoid a lot of headaches after the fact.

When Should I Buy Additional Auto Insurance Coverage?

Purchasing additional auto insurance isn’t being overly cautious. It’s a smart way to save yourself from months of headaches if something happens to your car that you can’t afford. Unfortunately, damage does not just occur due to accidents. Stereo systems can be stolen, or rims can be damaged by vandals. Before you get stuck in a situation you wish you’d had the forethought to prevent, keep these tips in mind from Bay Point Insurance about when to buy additional coverage. 

Understanding the Value 

Your auto insurance policy is based on the value of your car plus a variety of other factors. From your location to your driving history, insurance is a practical need that comes with practical questions. When you make a major investment to your car, you increase the value of the vehicle, which means you may need to increase the limits on your insurance coverage. If you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on a new stereo, are you prepared to be out all that money if something does happen to it?

Help for those in Millersville, MD

It’s not just new bells and whistles you’ve installed on your car that need to be covered though. Many people have just the bare limits of coverage, which can end up causing problems later on if there’s a major accident. There are limits on what insurance will pay, both for property and medical damages, and the larger collisions can end up running people into debt and eventually bankruptcy. Bay Point Insurance makes it easy for the people of Millersville, MD to get the information they need to make better decisions. For more information about getting more out of your policy, call Bay Point Insurance to find out more about our rates, policies, and services. 

Top Questions to Ask your Agent before Purchasing a Homeowners Policy

Purchasing a home for many people is one of the largest financial investments they will make in their lifetime. A homeowners policy is there to protect you in the event there is damage to or a complete loss of the home; therefore, it is essential that you make sure you are sufficiently protected. Here are the top questions to ask your insurance agent before purchasing a policy.

What does it cover and what does it exclude?

Home insurance is considered a broad policy meant to cover many different scenarios; however, it can also exclude major events, so it is imperative you review different scenarios with your agent. For example, many policies will cover water damage from a leaking roof but may not cover damage from flooding. You should speak to your agent at Bay Point Insurance who can help you decide if the location of your home in Millersville, MD is prone to flooding.

How much of my personal items should I cover?

Before speaking with your insurance agent, you should write up with a detailed home inventory list. This will help your agent come up with a sufficient limit on the policy for your personal items. Also, if you have high ticket items such as jewelry your agent may have additional coverage options to make sure the jewelry is covered.

How are claims handled?

When your home is damaged, and you need to file a claim the last thing you need is a company that makes it difficult. Your agent can advise you exactly how claims are handled. Experienced agents have long-standing relationships with insurance companies and know which ones will handle your claim promptly.

Please reach out to us at Bay Point Insurance to answer these questions and more. We proudly serve the Millersville, MD area.

Protecting Millersville Homes: How Home Insurance Works

Most people have insurance but may not understand exactly how it works for them. For example, if your dog becomes agitated at a new guest and ends up knocking over your television, is that something you can call your insurance about or are you on your own?  Bay Point Insurance can tell you more about how it works for the people of Millersville, MD.

Policies Are Based on You

Just like there are expensive and less expensive versions of practically every product available, home insurance follows many of those same rules. The less you pay, the less coverage you have. While it’s always going to be tempting to get the policy with the lowest premium, you need to ask yourself if you have the back-up plans in place (and the money to pay for them) if something happens where you aren’t covered. Between storms, random criminals and even panicked pets, you may end up in a situation you never anticipated where you wish you had made better decisions about your home insurance.

Partners in Safety 

The best thing you can do is talk to an agent who understands your particular situation. Bay Point Insurance can help you figure out the best policy available for your property. We understand that your home is more than just a place to hang your hat. It’s an emotional investment that requires a lot of effort to maintain and something that you would certainly miss if you didn’t have. We don’t want you to have to drain your savings account in Millersville, MD to pay for repairs or have to rely on the kindness of friends and family. If you have questions or are in need of a quote, give us a call today for more information.

Home Insurance and You

If you are in Millersville, MD and in the market for home insurance, get in touch with the friendly and knowledgeable agents at Bay Point Insurance and they will be more than happy to answer any questions to make sure that you get the coverage you need.

Why do you need it though?  This type of insurance will protect the real estate that you own. Most of the time, it is a requirement if you have a mortgage.  Even without a mortgage though, it is imperative to keep your home insured. This is because your property is typically going to be one of the largest investments that you will be making in your life. When you are a homeowner, you will have quite a bit of liabilities and responsibilities. A loss of a home can be devastating and can drastically affect your situation in regards to where you live as well as affecting your finances. The bottom line is that not having this type of insurance can have consequences that are extreme.

Home insurance can include a few different types of coverage. It can include things like:

  • Damage to the structure
  • The belongings within the home
  • Accidents that happen on the premises
  • Accidents that involve the owners of the home
  • Natural disasters
  • And more

Each incidence noted above will have its own stipulations. Some of them will come with a standard policy while others can be add on or may not be offered at all.  Where the property is located can put limitations on the options that are offered. It is always imperative for the homeowner to know exactly what the policy covers.

If you are in Millersville, MD and have questions about your existing policy, or are in the market for a new policy, contact Bay Point Insurance today.

Get Your Home Ready for Winter Weather

Part of getting your home prepared for winter months in Millersville, MD is preparing for a weather event that causes you to be stuck at home, possibly with no power. Make sure you stock up on things you could need in a winter weather emergency. If you wait too long, you might not have access to those resources when you really need them. 

Bay Point Insurance and recommend the following items be collected ahead of time: 

  • Ice melt products
  • Sand
  • Shovels and scrapers
  • Flashlights and batteries
  • Heating source- wood, pellet, propane, etc.
  • Extra clothes and blankets

Winterize Your Home in Millersville, MD

1.  As cold weather creeps in, there are a few relatively inexpensive solutions to keeping heat in, and cold out, of your home. Shore up any drafty areas with weather stripping. Consider using plastic to cover older windows to seal out cold air. Add insulation where needed in attics, walls, and floors to prevent cold spots.

2.  Heat your home as safely as possible.Chimneys should be cleaned and inspected yearly. Change filters on furnaces as needed.

3.  Carbon monoxide poisoning is real. Provide proper ventilation with any heating source. 

4.  Keep fire extinguishers up to snuff and make sure everyone in the house can operate them in case of emergency.

5.  Add insulation to pipes to help prevent freezing. Allowing water to drip or trickle when temps drop below freezing can help prevent bursting pipes. 

6.  Learn where water shut off valves are located and how to shut off the main water.

7.  Get your roof and gutters in shape so they can handle snow, ice, and the run-off as it melts. It’s also a good idea to get tree branches trimmed back so they won’t land on structures during winter storms. 

Winter is the ideal time to get in touch with Bay Point Insurance to review and update policies as needed.


Millersville, MD Is a Great Place for Home Insurance Quotes

Your Millersville, MD home is a great investment, and you want to make sure you keep it protected. That is where the independent agents at Bay Point Insurance come in. Having an independent agent means you get the information you need from someone who can help you locate the right policy for your budget and your needs. Whether you have a mortgage and need a certain level of policy to protect the lender, or you just want to make sure the investment you made in your home is covered, having an agent on your side who can help you select the right policy matters.

You do not have to settle for a policy you are not sure about, from a company you may not have heard of before. You also do not need to spend all your time trying to find a good insurance company and getting quotes all over time. Instead, you can make one visit to an independent insurance agent, and they can give you quotes from a number of trusted companies that they work with all the time. That can provide you with choices, so you can find the policy that is going to be best for you. Your agent will also answer questions, so you understand what your policy does and does not cover.

Reach out to Bay Point Insurance today, and let the independent agents there provide you with quotes for homeowners insurance on your Millersville, MD home. That way you can get the peace of mind you need from having good insurance coverage, and you will also be able to focus on everything that the policy has to offer. As your needs change, your agent will be there to help you change or adjust your policy, so you never have to worry about not having the coverage you need.

Fall Checklist: It’s Time to Check the Gutters, Furnace and Smoke Detectors

The temperatures in Millersville, MD have started dropping, the leaves are turning shades of red and orange and the days are becoming shorter; all signs that the fall season has arrived. Fall cleanup is essential to prepare your home for the winter as well as for making the work easier for you in the spring.  If you’re not sure where to begin, the following fall cleanup checklist will help you prepare your gutters, furnace and smoke detectors for the upcoming winter.

Check the Gutters

One of the biggest as well as important tasks to do in the fall is cleaning the gutters. This should be done after all of the leaves have fallen from nearby trees. Having clean, free flowing gutters are especially important when the ice and snow starts to melt. Clogged gutters can cause the water to backup, which ultimately leads to roof damage, structural damage and damage to the foundation of your home. Once you have removed all of the leaves and debris from the gutters, run a hose through them to ensure the water is flowing smoothly. If the water goes straight through and down the spout, they are ready for winter.

Furnace Maintenance

Getting the furnace inspected and the appropriate maintenance should be done during the fall to prevent the risk of a faulty heating system when it’s freezing outside. A faulty furnace may present the risk of a fire. For more information on fire risks with appliances and fixtures, contact Bay Point Insurance

The ideal time for a furnace inspection is during the early fall before the heating season begins, but if you notice any of the following problems it is best to have it inspected sooner than later:

  • Poor performance, such as block air ducts or concerns about the motor
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Noisy belts

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

One of the most important things to do on your fall cleanup checklist is checking the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace the batteries in each and remember to test the detectors by pressing the test button. If you haven’t installed a smoke detector on each floor of your home, including the attic and basement, fall is the perfect time to do so.

Fall is the ideal time to rid your home of leftover household chemicals, old newspapers and other flammable materials that are expired. Remember to keep the area clear around the furnace, space heaters and other heating devices.

Fall is the perfect time for residents of Millersville, MD to contact Bay Point Insurance to review their current policy or to purchase a new policy.